Are ‘Basic Economy’ Seats Ever Worth It?

Back in November, JetBlue announced its latest new airfare class for those looking to save a little cash while booking flights: Basic Blue—or in other words, basic economy seating. For those who don’t know, basic economy seating is the nosebleed section of an aircraft. In exchange for paying less than an average… Read more…

Losses For Six Years In A Row – 5 Possible Reasons Why Sasa Closed All 22 S’pore Outlets

Sasa International announced yesterday (2 Dec) that it will be closing all its 22 stores in Singapore. According to reports, around 170 employees will be affected by the move, but they will be “fully compensated according to local employment laws and regulations”. In a statement, they mentioned that the Group’s performance in Singapore “has been…(Continue Reading)

This M’sian Doctor Invented A Sticky Unisex Condom That Does What Traditional Ones Can’t

Dr John Tang was “sick and tired” of the complaints about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancies from his patients. The answer to these complaints appeared simple enough: just use a condom then! But traditional (commercialised) condoms just weren’t cutting it, it seemed. So, being a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist with over 20 years…(Continue Reading)